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Front desk

From where we welcome our guests and provide them any type of information about the hotel as well as about the environment and the activities and experiences available to be enjoyed.

Living room

A nice book, a relaxing drink, either alone or in good company in the heat of a unique circular fireplace made of stone and forge, is the perfect atmosphere offered by Enclave. We also have a large library and a flat-screen TV.

Spa area

Our garden provides a place also for water that will make your experience even more relaxing. Can you imagine a hydro-massage under the stars? You can have it at Enclave!

Lounge Bar

In the Lounge Bar area full breakfasts and delicious dinners are served, directly from the stove of a careful and sophisticated cuisine, fusion of tradition and modernity. Let yourself be surprised by our contemporary cuisine with Castilian influences.


Breathtaking exterior window to a unique landscape. A privileged spot to enjoy a well-deserved rest staring at the sunset. Integrated into nature, with stone details, it has a subtle lighting to enjoy the summer nights.

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