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You are 12 minutes far from “Cuerda del Pozo” reservoir and “Playa Pita” beach
A sea of fresh water (Read more)
Here you can expect authentic and beautiful sandy beaches where you can immerse yourself and enjoy the green Soria Mountains. Its waters are suitable for both water sports and fishing. In this reservoir you will also find the remains of the submerged village of La Muedra.
You are 16 minutes far from Valonsadero and Monte Valonsadero
3,000 hectares of woods with a unique rock art site (Read more)

2,793 hectares of mountain, prairies and meadows that have been declared Natural Recreation Zone for its rich flora and fauna. A rich grassland sprinkled with poplars and ancestral Pyrenean oaks with signposted routes to discover it in all its fullness. It offers a cave tour full of hidden treasures in caves decorated with Paleolithic rock art. Declared Archaeological Zone. The cave paintings of the area, discovered by chance in 1951, represent images related to the most daily activities of the prehistoric way of life.

You are 19 minutes far from Soria
The city that inspired Bécquer and Machado (Read more)
The capital of the province of Soria will surprise you for sure. Inspiration for great poets like Bécquer or Machado, you will be seduced by its old town, declared as Cultural feature, its enchanting churches, monasteries and castles. This visit is a must.
You are 20 minutes far from “El Sabinar”, the Villa and Castle of Calatañazor
Discover the world’s thickest savannah and walk through the steep cobbled medieval streets of Calatañazor (Read more)

The world’s thickest Juniper extension that gathers Junipers specimens that reach up to fourteen meters high and five perimeter that hides treasures for ornithologists. A winter forest that surrounds the small town of Calatañazor, that rises on the top of a rock in the meadow of “Abión” River.

Going for a walk through its steep medieval cobbled streets and visit its old castle, which preserves a canvas and the foundation of the walls of the courtyard. From there you can contemplate the vast plain now called “Valle de la Sangre”.

A castle of S. XIV where, legend says, Almanzor was defeated by Christian troops.

You are 24 minutes far from the Castle of San Leonardo
A stately 16th century castle strategically located (Read more)
In the town of San Leonardo de Yagüe, stands this stately castle of the sixteenth century in an advanced ruin state. Strategically located on a rocky hill overlooking the village from where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of it.
You are 24 minutes far from the archaeological site of Numancia
The most extensively excavated Celtiberian archaeological site (Read more)

At the foot of Numancia, set on a hill in the valley of the Duero, between the rivers Tera and Merdancho, is the beautiful medieval village of Garray.

In Numancia you can still see the plot of the later Roman city (1st century), with its squares and streets with sidewalks and stepping stones. You can also see the system of rainwater collection in cisterns excavated in the natural mantle. Two houses, one Celtiberian and one Roman period, have been rebuilt and set up to differentiate the ways of life of each cultural context.

You are 25 minutes far from the “Fuentona” Natural Monument
Crystal clear waters in a lagoon full of legends (Read more)
This lagoon of crystalline waters at the birth of the “Abión” River offers one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal places of Soria and has been inspiration for legends of monsters, fantastic creatures and spirits.
You are 27 minutes far from the Natural Park of the “Canyon of the River Lobos” and the Cave of the “Galiana”
The most spectacular rock formation (Read more)

This deep limestone canyon formed by an old and intense river erosion of the “Lobos” River, is located in the mountain ranges that separates the foothills of the Iberian Mountain range and the high plateau of the Duero. Home to abundant caves, chasms and abysms.

A breathtaking cliff overfly by species such as the “Leonado” Vulture, the “Real” Eagle or the “Peregrino” Falcon. Also nocturnal species like the owl.

Inside the karstic grounds of “El Cañón del Río Lobos”, “La Galiana” Cave offers the perfect opportunity to start caving. It is the only “open to visit” tourist cave of the almost 300 systems, galleries or chasms of this zone.

You are 40 minutes far from the Natural Park of “Sierra de Urbión” and “Laguna Negra”
The most mysterious and enigmatic landscape you have ever seen (Read more)
This dark and enigmatic Lagoon, wrapped in legends sinks its waters to around 2,000 meters height, between granite walls and bordered by infinite pine forests and gigantic beeches. This “trough of wolves” from which countless legends have been told will fascinate you.
You are 40 minutes far from the “Sierra de Cebollera” Natural Park
A unique glacier circus (Read more)

This natural park reveals a unique glacier circus. An ascent to the Peak is recommended to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas in the area.

The glacial lagoon of “Sierra Cebollera” is the eastern extension of the “Picos de Urbión”. It is an unknown and isolated mountainous territory refuge of beech trees, rowan trees, pines, hazel, deer and bellowing.


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